Marielle Rousseau

Animator and Illustrator


Marielle Rousseau is an illustrator and animator with a passion for all things cute. Marielle pursued an undergraduate degree in illustration from Syracuse University, gaining a strong sense of design, color theory, and storytelling. During her time at Syracuse, Marielle completed every elective available in her department to sharpen her animation skills; when all of those were exhausted, she worked with a professor to craft a specialized independent study course. After graduating from Syracuse, Marielle attended the New York Film Academy. There, she spent a year immersing herself in the study of 3D animation, preparing herself for her graduate school career. She received her MFA in computer art from the School of Visual Arts in May of 2012. In 2013, she helped to establish a startup game company, Mokuni LLC, with some graduate school classmates.

Miss Rousseau currently resides in New York along with a roommate, two chinchillas, and the world's most adorable pair of cats.

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Marielle Rousseau